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Partners 4Kids is Introducing Doxy.Me for Telemedicine

Several major impacts are anticipated during this COVID outbreak that could affect our ability to provide care to our children and families. We are adjusting our health care delivery in this new environment by providing telemedicine as an option for some visits. Telemedicine will assure you the same access to our health care team that does not rely on in person face-to-face care. This will help to reduce exposure of ill persons and thereby reducing spread of disease to non-ill individuals.
Fill out a Telehealth Online Form Here 

At the time of your visit login below

Dr. Penn Telehealth Link              Dr. Young Telehealth Link

Common conditions used for telemedicine:

  • Colds/Upper respiratory infections
  • Rashes
  • Medication management
  • Some follow ups
  • Mental Health and ADHD/ADD

*Important: Not all conditions can be managed via telehealth. You will be advised if an in-person consultation is more appropriate.


What you need to do: No downloads or accounts needed!

  • Call our office to set up your telemedicine appointment like a regular visit
  • Your health care team will send you an invitation link 15 min before your appointment time. All you need is a browser on your computer or hand-held device with a camera and microphone/speaker.
  • You will check-in with the link and your provider will start the video when they are ready.

Private and secure

  • All data is encrypted
  • Your sessions are anonymous
  •  None of your information is stored.
  • Doxy. Me adheres to HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements.

To maximize your telemedicine experience please

  • Use headphones
  • Reduce the volume of speakers
  •  Ensure that you have good streaming capability. Do not run multiple programs at the same time.

Your insurance will be billed for the telemedicine service. However, if your insurance does not cover the cost, you will be responsible for total cost of the visit. If you are uninsured, a flat fee will be charged. Payment will be due at the time of service.