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About Us

Welcome to Partners 4KidsWelcome to Partners 4Kids

The Virgin Islands' Pediatric & Adolescent Health Care Center!

Partners 4Kids is a comprehensive and holistic medical home for children and adolescents from ages 0 to 18. It was founded by Dr. Cecilia Penn, a board certified pediatrician and preventive medicine physician, in an effort to create a coordinated and collaborative approach to decrease fragmentation of primary and allied health care services for children and adolescents in the USVI and BVI alike.

Vision and Mission Statement

Partners 4Kids is committed to providing coordinated first-rate pediatric and adolescent primary care services through collaboration with pediatric allied health specialists in physical therapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, lactation consulting, behavioral therapy, speech pathology, and audiology to fulfill the health care needs of children and families in the Virgin Islands community.

Core Beliefs and Philosophy

Our Core Beliefs and Philosophy are grounded in the fact:

  • That every child has an inherent right to quality comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care.
  • That in order to improve quality and decrease fragmented care, a comprehensive and collaborative team approach needs to be built and fostered through partnership, effective communication amongst pediatric health care professionals, families and caregivers, schools, churches, and other community organizations where children and adolescents interact.

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