Our Services

Our medical team has many years of experience treating a variety of pediatric and adolescent conditions and illnesses.

Scope of Services

Partners 4Kids offers services in the following:

Primary Care Pediatrics:

General Services including Annual Well-child/teen/school check-ups; sports physicals; Head Start check-ups and laboratory services; Vaccinations and TB screening; Treatment and coordinated management of acute and chronic childhood illnesses; Growth and developmental screening; Nutrition and obesity counseling; Hearing / vision screening; Nursery hospital care; Minor surgical procedures, In-house laboratory services.

Diagnostic and Minor Surgical Procedures:

Incision and drainage of abscesses; Dressing changes for wound care and second-degree burns; Urinalysis and catheterization; Removal of foreign bodies, Ear irrigation, and Medical ear piercing.

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy:

Gross and fine motor development; Balance and coordination; Eating or feeding disorder evaluations; Cognitive processing/attention; Sensory processing and integration disorders; Orthopedic injury or problems; Neurological disorders (congenital or post traumatic); Failure to thrive management; Assessment and management of developmental delay; and Perceptual / motor limitations, among others.

Speech Therapy:

Comprehensive communication assessment; Speech & language evaluations; Individual therapy including speech/articulation, language, social communication, voice therapy, stuttering, and pre-literacy; Parent education; and Preschool/daycare screenings.

Clinical Psychology/ Behavioral Therapy:

Social cognitive problems; Adjustment difficulties; Attention Deficit and Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD); Learning differences or giftedness; Sequelae of premature or multiple birth; Autism, Asperger’s Disorder or Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) Assessment; Psychological testing and assessment; Diagnostic evaluations; Individual and family therapy; Cognitive behavioral child therapy; Dyadic therapy (parent-child or sibling); Parent coaching and Consultations.